Technology partner


Microsoft Small Business Specialist
– Partners Office 365 service deployment for College, University and Enterprise
Partner specializing in the implementation and training of SharePoint Portal Solutions, BizTalk, SQL, Lync and
Office Online




Solution Service IT Professional
Partner specializing in deploying virtualization solutions vCenter & vCloud enterprise network for the College, University and


Solution Service NAS Professional

 Partner specializing in deploying intranet storage solutions and cloud computing to LAN NAS & vCloud for College, University and Enterprise.


Service Provider SERVER & SAN Professional

Partner specializing in deploying solutions for Server & SAN Servers for College, University and Enterprise


– Partner consulting and implementing software system solution services Customs declaration “E-Manifest Vietnam Customs “.

– Partner consulting and deploying Content Management System number Television Telecom Viettel Media


Partner consulting and deploying software products of Financial Management enterprise customers ERP.


Partner consulting and deploying Content number Television Management System news VTC Media 

Partner consulting and deploying virtualized infrastructure in IT Training VTC Labs Management.


Partner consulting and deploying System Management Services Virtualization Cloud Computing vCloud CMC IDC HCMC.

Vanguard enterprises in the IT Training




1.      ROBUSTA GLOBAL Technology & Training

2.      IPMAC

3.      IT Academic Thang Long

4.      NetPro IT Academic.

5.      IT Center of Hanoi Business and Technology  University

6.      Institute of IT & Telecom training – Hanoi Open University.

7.      Technology Training Institute graduate – Hanoi University of Technology.

8.      IT Academy – National Economics.

9.      Hue Industrial College.

10.  Nhat Nghe

Business and Media Content Partner





For 14 years is Partner consulting and implementation support capacity building in ICT Business Association Vietnam seafood (VASEP)





4 years is Partner consulting  and building deployment, training and professional management capability offices in Vietnam Tea Association (VITAS)



14 years as a consulting partner and technical support Enterprise IT in production and processing of wood furniture under the Vietnam Association of Wood



Our commitment

          Quality of service is the guideline for all our activities so that we are always focused to satisfy customer requirements with the spirit of dedicated service and deep understanding of the needs outlined. Improve technology competencies and quality assurance for better products and services.

          Along with we constantly improving our technology capabilities and quality process improvement to provide products and services with the best quality.

          Sincerely, active in building partnerships for mutual development.

          Internal unity, striving for education career advancement.

          Reinvestment society through community education activities.

Development strategy

          Invest on new technology to keep moving forward with strategic technology partner.

          Improving partner relationship for better business opportunities.

          Build a trusted relationship with traditional customers.

          Enhance training activities, technology transfer with others corporate partners.

          Human development strategy based on profound humanity philosophy.

          Become a leading company in providing training service and technology solution in APAC.


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