Chương trình Live@edu tháng 12 – 2011


Volume 4 | NOV 2011

Microsoft Education – Vietnam


In the 21stcentury, education is indeed a crucial component for economic success. Through education, a country cultivates its talent. Enabling the greater use of ICT will promote the level and quality of education and help narrow the digital gap between rural and urban areas. Microsoft has been working closely with educators, teachers, students and partners all over the world to support ICT improvement in all over the world in general and Vietnam’s education system in particular. Through lots of products and solutions, a lot of initiatives have been introduced to make difference in education. Working together, we have helped create locally relevant, sustainable and scalable approaches to improving Education.

We thank all of you for your supports. Let us continue to strive hard to help more people enjoy the full benefits of ICT and ultimately, to help students, teachers and educators in Vietnam realize their full potential.

Partners in Learning

1- Innovative Schools : Achieving Universal Education Goals

Innovative Schools Website

Simply A Great Week for Microsoft Vietnam



The Global Forum is the culmination of a year-long series of progressively competitive national and regional events that recognize the very best in innovative teaching and learning. The educators that made it to the Global Forum were selected from almost 250,000 teachers and schools that started the process. During the week, 800 educators attended professional development workshops, collaborated on learning activities, heard from a wide range of amazing keynote speakers, and presented their schools and classroom projects. At the end of the week, we welcomed our 18 new Mentor Schools and recognized 18 classroom teachers as the most innovative in the world in 6 different categories.

Vietnam delegation participated in this event including Mr. Duong The Phuong – Director of Binh Duong Education and Training Department; Mr. Le Hoai Nam – Deputy Director of Hochiminh Education and Training Department; Dr. Nguyen Van Long – Head of Academic Affairs, College of Foreign Languages, University of Danang, one of 30 top educators worldwide; Microsoft Vietnam and Ms. Nguyen Thi Diem Trang – Teacher of Star High School – representative of Vietnam Innovative teacher with winning project “ Aquaculture Development in Mekong Delta Area “.


“The Partners in Learning program is one of the many investments Microsoft is making to help educators more effectively prepare our students for the jobs of tomorrow,” said Anthony Salcito, vice president of education at Microsoft Corp. “At Microsoft, we believe that magic happens when business needs merge with social responsibility, and in an increasingly competitive global economy, bringing together organizations that are equally passionate about education can be a successful formula for preparing the next generation of leaders.”

Mr. Long shared with People knowledge reporter after participating the Global Forum: “It was really a pleasure and a valuable opportunity for me and my colleagues in Viet Nam. As the leader of “Learning Excursions”, I made a report and presentation on “IT application Solutions in the context of lack of IT infrastructure in Viet Nam” which attracted attention and received feedbacks and constructive comments from international educators. Thanks to that, I gained useful lessons for me to share with my colleagues on return to Viet Nam”.

News on mass media: People Knowledge Vietnam Laws New Hanoi

eFinance Saigon Enterprises ICT News Teach&learn Handheld forum

Vietnam Economic News Wesite of Danang University PC World News socbay

biethet Policeman People Army Saigon Liberation Social Labor





Education program and Information Center has been organized 6 Innovative School training courses with participation of 300 education leaders and teachers from schools in Hochiminh. This is a part of Microsoft Partner in Learning program. Teachers benefited from this training is studying education software which support education management and studying – learning methods such as: Mind Manager 9.0 – Thinking Maps; Producer for PowerPoint 2007; “Bringing a 1-to1- program to life” and Project based learning methods; E-Stratergy; Microsoft Live@edu… Furthermore Hochiminh Education and Training Department also deploying Innovative School website; upto date 43 schools have been members this website with many activities. And in order to improve quality of website, Hochiminh Education and Training Department invest 32 mb independent internet server to serve developing of the program. More info on Vietnam PiL Website

News on HCMC DOET website



2- Innovative Teachers: Sharing success

Vietnam Innovative Teacher Forum

BIG SUPRISES about 7th Innovative Teacher Competition

7th Innovative Teacher Competition this year was deployed in larger scale with participation of teachers from 63 provinces in Vietnam. Encouraging ICT using in education, Innovative Teachers Competition is yearly organized to honor the teachers with their innovation in teaching and create the chance of supporting and sharing the best experience in new teaching method with ICT integration among the teachers community. This is consider as a successful Innovative Teacher Competition with double number of e-Learning projects in comparision with last year, especially the first participation of Lao Cai; Lam Dong; Can Tho…Education and Training Department. Quality and quantity of projects have been much improved to compare with last year. Microsoft jury board had 5 hard working days to choose the 10 best projects to award prices; and 1 special prize for internet voting. The results will be announced in early December 2011. More info on Vietnam PiL Website



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Program Overview

Live@edu program was implemented nearly three years with over 120 includes: High School, College, University and postgraduate training programs. The K-12 there were more than 300 registration and use of the Live@edu services.

The Ministry of Education and Training university (MOET) now has nearly 400 national universities both public and private schools.

Therefore, the demand for innovation and quality of training in ICT training more pressing, the cooperation with Microsoft Live@edu is not outside the above-mentioned objectives.

Department of Education, Ho Chi Minh City has nearly 300 schools have registered to use Live @ edu services.

The numbers are impressive, but besides that Live@edu also have done a lot of hard work related to lead exposure, support the training school using Live@edu, and coordinate with IT to organize training for Admin, for teachers, staff and students of the school.


WELCOME TO TO THE LIVE@EDU PROGRAM AT THE UNIVERSITY OF NATIONAL ECONOMIC (NEU) This is one of the University was named the school specializes in training leading to the degree of economic generation, leader of the country’s economy for over 55 years.


Talking number:

25,000 students are currently enrolled in school, five thousand new students enrolled.

500 teachers trained most of the economic sectors related to IT, With the commitment of school leaders, have ongoing training sessions for more than 5000 students new key using the Live@edu services such as Outlook Live, Skydrive, DreamSpark …

From 15 Sep – 17 Sep, we make use of training sessions and discuss experiences on the Live@edu services with over 50 of the 30 teacher of learning support adviser. (this is to force our core team development training and use Live@edu later).

From 20 Sep – 1 Oct, we have coordinated with the University NEU IT training sessions held in a Hall concentration and learning at 24 room Labs to practice using the services of Live@edu .

From 14 Oct – 17 Oct Institute of Information Technology and Economics (IITE) is the agency managing the cases assigned to coordinate with Microsoft Live@edu deployment urgently in school year 2011 has completed the training task and started to complex tasks such as moving 5000 mailboxes from Exchange Server to Outlook Live from old system was completed in 3 days without an incident does occur.




Introduction in Live @ edu at The Lecture hall

Awarded the prizes to students “Game plan on using Live@edu “

Organize workshops on ICT in School Education in demand innovation and award scholarships to students.

It can be said is a good case study for many other University of references to Live@edu approach quickly and continuously to achieve high efficiency.

In respect to Dr. Truong Van Tu:

“We not only leverage the power of Live@edu to replace the old email system for nearly 10 years, not only be easily integrated with training credit system but also the direction the current training system IT and the future of the school, improve the quality of training of teachers and students something ever so many people desire. “


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