Sử dụng TFS quản lý các dự án phát triển theo MSF

I.            Connect to TFS with Team Explorer 2010

To add Team Foundation Server to the Visual Studio IDE

Note: You will only have permissions for connecting to the CodePlex Team Foundation Server if you have been added as a Coordinator or Developer to one or more CodePlex projects.

clip_image001[28]   Open a browser and navigate to the CodePlex website.

clip_image001[29]   Log into the CodePlex website using your already registered username and password.

clip_image001[30]   Browse to the Source Code tab of the project that you are a Coordinator or Developer on.

clip_image001[31]   Near the top of the tab there will be connection information. Make a note of the:

clip_image002[14]  Team Foundation Server Name

clip_image002[15]  Path

clip_image002[16]  Port Number

clip_image002[17]  Protocol

clip_image002[18]  Project Collection

clip_image002[19]  Username

clip_image001[32]   Run Microsoft Visual Studio.

clip_image001[33]   If the Team Explorer isn’t currently displayed, click the View menu and then select Team Explorer. -or- Click the button from the toolbar.

clip_image001[34]   Or use menu top “Team> Connect to Team Foundation Server…”

clip_image001[35]   At the top of the Team Explorer tool window, click the button (Add Existing Team Project).

clip_image001[36]   In the Connect to Team Foundation Server dialog box, click Servers.

clip_image001[37]   In the Add/Remove Team Foundation Server dialog box, click Add.

clip_image001[38]   In the Add Foundation Server name dialog, enter the Team Foundation Server Name, Port Number, and Protocol information that was on the connection instructions from the Source Code tab.

clip_image001[39]   Click OK to connect to the server. If the information you entered is correct, you will be prompted for your user name and password.

clip_image001[40]   In the Connect to ServerName dialog, type in the username that was on the connection instructions from the Source Code tab, and your CodePlex Password, and then click OK. The CodePlex project(s) and team project collections to which you are a member will appear.

*  Select the CodePlex project(s) and team project collections to which you want to connect, and then click OK.

*  -or-  Clear the selection of any project, and then click Cancel to add the server connection without connecting to a project.




II.         Create New Project

Title, URL, Source Control, and Summary Email & Verification

*  Follow the wizard below to create a Project.

*  Then, you have 30 days to invite others, upload files, and publish the Project.

*  The public will not be able to see your Project until it is published.

*  Unpublished Projects are removed 30 days after being created.


The title will appear on the project pages, in search results, and in the Project Directory. It can be changed anytime. The title is critical for search engines (like Google, Yahoo, and Bing) to find your Project.



http:// .codeplex.com

The URL name can only contain letters or numbers.


Source Control:


Choose the type of source control system for your project. (Learn more)

Team Foundation Server (also supports Subversion clients)

Please indicate your preferred source control client:
(you will still be able to use either regardless of selection here)

Team Explorer

Subversion (e.g. TortoiseSVN)

Not Sure / Other


Fund Your Project:
Display an ad on your project pages from
Lake Quincy Media. (example)

Donate ad revenue to Habitat for Humanity Int’l.

You can change your ad settings at any time. Get more information.

Title, URL, and Summary Email & Verification Done!

emanifest has been created

Congratulations, you’ve successfully created your project, emanifest, on CodePlex.com.

Right now, your project is unpublished–only your designated team members can view. Please note it may take up to 15 minutes for source control, releases, and issue tracker features to become available.

Protect Your Work–Your Deadline is March 8 2012

Publish your project within 30 days, as unpublished projects are deleted in 30 days.

Note that your publication deadline is March 8 2012. Please meet this date to make sure your project is not deleted.


Manage Your Project

Visit your project at http://employeetraining.codeplex.com/. There you can:

Publish your project to make the code publically available

Edit your project title and description

Customize the home page wiki to describe your project

Opt-in to host advertisements on your project

Add team members (coordinators and developers)

Upload source code

Create a release

Track issues

Start discussions and sign up for email notifications

Subscribe to project updates via RSS

Read reviews of releases

Check project stats and referrals

Edit the license

After You Publish Your Project, Increase Traffic and Evangelize Your Project

Use the project description, project home page wiki, and project tags to increase your visibility in the CodePlex search engine. Make sure to include search keywords for improved discoverability.

Spread the word to blogs, platform sites, developer groups and other sites. Remember to include a link back to your project (http://employeetraining.codeplex.com/)

Keep it alive with frequent check-ins, additions and updates.


Get Your Questions Answered

Visit the CodePlex online support pages for answers to commonly asked questions. For other inquires, contact us.



III.       Visual Studio Team Explorer


Server Name: tfs.codeplex.com

Path: tfs

Port number: 443

Protocol: https

Project Collection: TFS15

Project Name: employeetraining

Username: snd\liveatedu_cp

Password: <same as your website password>

The Visual Studio Team Explorer client provides access to Team Foundation Server from within Visual Studio. For information on installing the client please read the Visual Studio Team Explorer wiki page. To connect to your server please read:

*  Connecting to TFS with Team Explorer 2010

*  Connecting to TFS with Team Explorer 2008 or 2005

You will need the information above to add the Team Foundation Server in your Visual Studio Team Explorer.


IV.      Project Roles Matrix










Create New Post

Edit Post

(their posts only)

(their posts only)

(their posts only)

(their posts only)

Reply To Post

Delete Post

Delete Thread

Start New Discussion

Edit Discussion List Details

View Discussion

Copy Discussion To Work Item

Email Subscription

Issue Tracker

Close Work Item

Re-Open Work Item

(their work items only)

(their work items only)

Comment Work Item

Create Work Item

Edit Work Item

Manage Components

View Work Item

Vote For Work Item


Manage Team

View Team

Manage Project Openings


Create Project

Publish Project

Delete Unpublished Project

Edit License

(project creator only)

Edit Project Details


Create Release

Download Release

Edit Release

Delete Release

Create Ratings and Review

Edit Ratings and Review

Delete Ratings and Review

Source Code

Access Source Control Server

Browse Source Tree

Check-In Source Code

Download Latest Source (.zip)

Upload Patch

Download Evaluated / Accepted Patch

Download Declined Patch

Apply/Decline Patch

Email Subscription Patch

Create Fork

Delete Fork

(their forks only)

(their forks only)

(their forks only)

(their forks only)

Send Pull Request

(their forks only)

(their forks only)

(their forks only)

(their forks only)

Cancel Pull Request

(their forks only)

(their forks only)

(their forks only)

(their forks only)

Apply/Decline Pull Request

Email Subscription Pull Request


Add Tag To Project

Remove Tag From Project

Wiki & Documentation

Add Comments

Create New Page

Edit Existing Page

View Page



1.   Địa chỉ download phần mềm cho TFS:



2.     Đăng nhập cho VS2010, MS Project, MS Excel  sau khi cài Tool TFS

Server Name: tfs.codeplex.com/tfs

Path: tfs

Port number: 443

Protocol: https

Project Collection: TFS15

Project Name: employeetraining

Username: snd\<tên đầu của địa chỉ email>_cp

Password:  <password khởi tạo, các em vào thay đổi lại trong Profile>.


3.     Cách sử dụng cơ bản về TFS

3.1. MS Project 2007 / 2010:

3.2. MS Visual Studio 2010:


3.3. Khai báo máy chủ TFS



3.4. Cách sử dụng theo dõi và update TFS quản lý dự án và hồ sơ tài liệu trên MS Excel 2007/2010:

3.5. Sau khi kết nối với TFS chọn List để hiển thị dữ liệu dự án:

3.6. kiểm soát các công việc được giao theo hình thức nhìn toàn bộ dự án hoặc nhìn phần việc của riêng cá nhân để theo dõi hoặc lấy tài liệu:

3.7. Cách đưa tài liệu vào phần quản lý dự án thoe từng công việc bằng Excel:

3.8. Theo dõi hoặc tra cứu tài liệu và tác vụ dự án trên Web:

3.9. Tra cứu tài liệu trong chi tiết của từng tác vụ dự án:

3.10. Cách lưu mật khẩu ngầm định kết nối máy chủ TFS

Saving Password in Team Explorer – Windows 7
This worked for me… From the Start orb, search for “Credential Manager”.

Click on “Add a Windows credential”. Enter “tfs.codeplex.com” for “Internet or network address”.

Enter your Codeplex username and password.


In Windows Vista:
#Go to the User Accounts Control Panel > Manage Your Network Passwords
#Click Add

1.      Enter TFS server that contains your project

2.      Enter your user name (using the prefix and suffix for TFS log-in) and password

In Windows XP:

1.      Go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > User Accounts > Advanced > Manage Passwords > Add

2.      Enter TFS server that contains your project

3.      Enter your user name (using the prefix and suffix for TFS log-in) and password





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