Cách tạo chữ ký số cer khi bị lỗi Certificate authenticate

1. TMG 2010 Download:


3. Exchang 2007 cau hinh Outlook Anywhere

4. IIS 6 cau hinh SSL, 443

Doan nay bi loi:  “The request contains no certificate template information 0x80094801 (-2146875391). Denied by Policy Module 0x80094801”

Just try this in the commandline:
certreq -submit -attrib „CertificateTemplate:Webserver“ <certrequest.req-file>
where the <certrequest.req-file> is the whole path and filename to your request file

5. Cau hinh Outlook Anywhere trong Exchange 2007
– Co loi
Exchange Will Not Connect

“Microsoft Exchange Warning
The following warning(s) were reported while loading topology information:
ERROR: Could not connect to the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service on server CHMHASBSSVR.community.local. One of the following problems may be occurring: 1- The Microsoft Exchange Information Store service is not running. 2- There is no network connectivity to server CHMHASBSSVR.community.local. 3- You do not have sufficient permissions to perform this command. The following permissions are required to perform this command: Exchange View-Only Administrator and local administrators group for the target server. 4- Credentials have been cached for an unprivileged user. Try removing the entry for this server from Stored User Names and Passwords.”

Did you verify that the exchange information store service is actually running?


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