Làm thế nào để thay đổi Work email trong Personal Settings–SharePoint 2010

Câu hỏi:

I need to change a user’s email in User Information in a site. Typically the user has an AD account, but their own email address in the case of contractors. When I add a user to the site, the email in AD comes through, but I don’t want that email, I want their email and when I click on the Edit Item link, the Edit Personal Settings dialog box does not have a control to edit their email address. How do I turn this on so I can edit their email address?

I’ve already gone into Service Applications in Central Administration and in the User Profile Service Application went into Manage User Properties and configured Work Email to be editable by users, and I have already checked the job to see that it has run, but I am still unable to edit an email address in a user’s account.

How do I do this please?

Thank you.


Câu trả lời:

A user’s Email Address is stored within a profile property. By default a user isn’t allowed to change his or her own e-mail address. The email address (Work e-mail) and whether or not user’s can change their own can be specified in the settings of the User Profile Service Application.

  1. (As an administrator) open Central Admin
  2. Under “Application Management” click “Manage Service Applications”
  3. Locate and click the link “User Profile Service Application”. If this one is not there you haven’t created a User Profile Service Application yet.
  4. Under “People” there are two relevant links here. The first is “Manage User Properties”, the second is “Manage User Profiles”
  5. Under “Manage User Properties” you can specify the settings for the Work e-mail property (i.e. whether or not the user is allowed to edit his or her own e-mail address).
  6. Under “Manage User Profiles” you can locate a user’s profile and edit the e-mail address from there.

By default it could take up to one hour to “see” the new e-mail address throughout all web applications bound to the user profile service application. A timer job is taking care of this and you could kick this one of to run manually once by going to “Check Job Status” screen in Central Admin (_admin/Timer.aspx). Here locate the job definition with the title “User Profile Service Application – User Profile to SharePoint Full Synchronization”, open the “Edit Timer Job Page” by clicking on the Job’s name and then click the “Run Now” button.


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