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Vietnam teams join Global Forum 2012

Joining Global Forum 2012 in Prague, Czech from 28 Nov to 1 Dec 2012, Vietnam team including educator specialist of Ba Ria-Vung Tau DoET and Huynh Bao Thien – winner of local Innovative Teachers Competition highly appreciated this chance to enhance their leadership skills and professional development. With the theme “Your ideas matter”, the Global Forum 2012 helps our school leaders and educator connect, collaborate, and have more vision in developing teaching methods that empower students to become agents of change.


Coming to this “Olympia for Education” with “Narrative Literature”, Huynh Bao Thien said: “It’s a great honor to be selected as the most innovative educators on behalf of Vietnam to attend Global Forum. I am looking forward to joining Global Forum of Partners in Learning to share our project with others and get the feedback to improve ourselves in daily teaching and learning activities in Vietnam”.


Microsoft Learning Suite indirect training for 300 teachers in Hai Phong Province

After the first direct training of Microsoft Learning Suite in Hai Phong in September, Hai Phong DoET successfully gathered about 300 teachers for its indirect training about this set of innovative teaching and learning applications in this November. Hai Phong core team that including about 10 best qualified teachers acted as the local master trainers in this training and others upcoming in their locality.

During 3 training days that focus on guiding teachers how to use these application in daily lessons, Hai Phong’s teachers were very excited about new apps as Auto Collage, Photosynth, Song Smith…which are easy to use but highly encourage exciting ways of learning in classroom. As the result, most of them show their interest and look forward to participating in other training that help to improve their quality of teaching and learning. As expected, these indirect trainings will be deployed quarterly to reach more local teacher.


Cooperate with Vietnam MOET to organize Innovative Teachers Competition 2012

Started in 2005, after 7 years of success to encourage ICT application in education, the 8th Innovative Teachers Competition continuously organized in this November with the cooperation of Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training to honor the teachers with their innovation in teaching and create the chance of supporting and sharing the best experience in new teaching method with ICT integration among the teaches community.


Cooperated with MoET at the first time in Innovative Teaches Competition, we expect to reach the most innovative teachers nationwide who are daily devote both time and efforts to bring new way of teaching to excite their students and help them realize their full potential. Through the competition, all of innovative projects will be uploaded on Vietnam landing page of Partners in  Learning network that help to create a huge resource for our education community.


ISP Roundtable in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City


The Innovative School Model of the 21st Century workshop was held on 3rd October, 2012 in Hanoi and 4th October 2012 in Ho Chi Minh City. The primary goal was to increase school leaders’ and ICT managers’ understanding of Microsoft’s Partners in Learning for School program and to introduce the resources that can facilitate innovative education at their classrooms.

The Innovative School Model of the 21st Century workshop set out four parts including Innovative school program, Windows in Classroom, Licensing for education and Demo of Windows 8.  Over 40 education leaders and IT managers from 26 international and private schools in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City attended our two-hour event. The schools selected were amongst the pioneers in the national education system. Their supports to the Partners in Learning Program can create an impact on other schools and educational institutions across the country.


The Innovative School Model of the 21st Century workshop was held on 3rd October, 2012 in Hanoi






ICT News




education demos:

Demos Live@edu here

Demo SMS Mobile for Education in Vietnam here



28th  Nov Global Forum 2012 in Prague

 16th Nov Microsoft Learning Suite Indirect Training in Hai Phong Province

9th Oct Microsoft Participation in Quang Ninh’s ICT Day

4th Oct Roundtable with International and private schools

26th  Oct Windows 8 launch worldwide





Discover the

Training using Live@edu at

BAC BO Colleges  from 25 -26 Oct, 2012

in Hong Bang, Hai Phong City






Microsoft Participation in Quang Ninh’s ICT Day



A two-day workshop on Applying Information Technology into Teaching and Learning was organized by the Quang Ninh Department of Education and Training on 8th and  9th of  October. Educational case studies brought to the workshop for discussion included the application of ICT by teachers and students across the province as well as concerns with infratructure and software usage. Ms Trinh Thi Thuy Giang, a professor at the University of Natural Science who has been on Microsoft Partners in Learning’s advisory board since the beginning in Vietnam, presented a dynamic and broad look at the projects submitted in the past few years. She encouraged teachers and students to work on practical projects that were actually focused on improving the quality of teaching and learning rather than on the technology itself. Her presentation brought a great deal of attention and feedbacks from the workshop participants.









Microsoft Learning Suite training at Dinh Thien Ly school


In October, Microsoft offered a training course for educators at Dinh Thien Ly school, Ho Chi Minh City on the Learning Suite, a set of innovative applications for education that create a robust, creative and collaborative learning environment for students and educators. The Learning Suite includes four sets of resources, enabling participants to create movie, music, photo collage, to research and study, to teach, and to collaborate with each other. The training day was aimed to introduce the tool set as well as to present an opportunity to address any query with the package. Educators were as much amazed at the functions and designs of each tool as they were excited to try them out.  This event was a part of a training series that Microsoft is offering to schools and educational institutions across Vietnam to introduce the Learning Suite.




Hanoi:  100 educators attended Microsoft Learning Suite training in Hanoi and 200 teachers benefited by indirect training of ICT integration into teaching and learning.


More than 100 teachers in Hanoi attended the training of Microsoft Learning Suite in October. The package offered over 20 of the most popular tools and teacher resources in one simple, customizable download. With an easy access and friendly interface, the applications can be installed into personal computers and immediately applied into classrooms.  This package, offered free, is among Microsoft’s efforts to facilitate local school communities to integrate with a global network and create a vision for their future. Educators attended the event were enthusiastic with the prospect that their students can now be more eager to embrace new ideas and try new technologies.

For the first two week of October, 200 K12 teachers was attended the indirect training of ICT integration into teaching and learning by Hanoi Department of Education and Training.






Training Live@edu using for new students in 2012-2013 at the Vocational College of Northern Economics – Technology, Hai Phong




In the morning 25.10.2012, Nova Company visited Vocational College of Northern Economics – Technology on occasion to celebrate new school year 2012 – 2013 and take part in training Live@edu using for new students.

Vocational College of Northern Economics – Technology solemnly celebrated the new school year 2012 – 2013. The opening ceremony was attended Dr. Dao Xuan Can – President of Vietnam Cooperative Alliance; Dr. Do Trung Thoai – Member of Standing Committee – Vice chairman of the City People’s Committee; leaders in advisory units of Vietnam Cooperative Alliance, the group of business administrative units of the Vietnam Cooperative Alliance; leaders of the provinces and cities, together with other departments and branches, and the entire management board, staff, teachers, pupils and students.

Following these previous achievements, in the 2012 -2013 school year, staff, faculty and students will continue to promote the efforts of each individual to strive to fulfill their assigned tasks. And then, they constantly affirmed and further enhance the position of the school in vocational training.

In late of 2011 to 2012, thanks to the determination of renewing in training support, direction and determination to direct the investment of leadership and management of IT Department, the school has collaborated with experts of the Nova Company to deploy Live@edu service, everything gradually stable, with the effective utilization, minimizing investment costs, especially in e-mail technology, integrated training portal of the school with Outlook Live, Single Sign On “SSO”…

After many times improvement of email technology from Mdeamon, PostScript … we have decided to trial and now complete to use the Outlook Live email system of Live@edu program, initially obtained good results, and many feedback of lectures and students has confirmed the correct direction of the cooperation between the school and Nova Company in the long-term using Live@edu service. In the near future we have a plan for the coordination with NOVA to upgrade Office 365 Education.

Training Live@edu: 25-26 Oct 2012

Number of Participating 3’s University:


Teachers/School Officials Trained:


Vocational College students:


Students Reached (via Student Helpdesk, curriculum, etc.):






Dr. Pham Van Trung, the school Principal speech new school year

Course soft skills management technology with Live@edu




Training course: Programming integrate Live@edu service package SSO Kit for SharePoint 2010




Program review in October, 2012



In 25th  26th  Oct, NOVA has collaborated with 01 schools: BacBo  has organized 01 workshop and went to the unified process AD sync with Outlook Live:

1.                    Using Excel VBA to export accounts from AD to CSV file.

2.                    Compare the information from AD to change the new CSV file.

3.                    Update change password from the database of the application containing the password has changed (lock mode allows the user to change password through Ctrl Alt delete).

Using PowerShell can set schedule automatic update / add accounts from CSV to Outlook Live (lock mode allows the user to change password on Outlook Web Access).



With a synchronous process above solution, the results obtained from this period include:

               BacBo: 2575 students, 72 teachers, 24 staffs, 2 subdomain and organizations unit.

Support Information Live@edu program

From November 05, team development and training of NOVA Live@edu has upgraded and updated all the documentation, Case study of AISVietnam, NEU and Document integrating SharePoint 2010 with Live@edu SSO Kit.

Microsoft Vietnam and NOVA wishes:

                This will be a centralized address information is accurate, complete and up to date information and help support the school can easily search for information, management methods, and deployment scenarios appropriate solutions for systems management at the School of Live@edu.

                Support marketing of Microsoft products and services, providing communication of information, promote the university has more knowledge before and after deploying Live@edu services, improve skills and quality of service management.

References in Website:

Live@edu Contact: Tuan Ngo (









All-in-one  Learning Management System (LMS) for SharePoint

Based on the powerful and highly secure Microsoft Office SharePoint Server platform and integrated with Microsoft Office Communication Server 2007 and Lync, ELEARNINGFORCE’s Learning Management System gives customers an opportunity for effective learning and quick assessments. MS SharePoint based LMS has been successfully deployed both in business corporations and educational institutions.


Please visit  to get more information about the LMS or visit the features page  to read about all the Learning Management System capabilities.


SharePoint LMS Overview

SharePoint LMS is a fully functional LMS based on the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS 2007/WSS 3.0 or SharePoint 2010 Server/Foundation) platform. LMS combines most powerful eLearning tools and features such as:

·         Learning Path

·         Tracking / Reports

·         SCORM 1.2 or 2004 compliance

·         AICC compliance

·         Collaborative tools

·         Shared Question Pool

·         Web conference



PowerShell Access (PA) is a tool to help Universities and Schools to deploy Microsoft Live@edu integrating AD with Outlook Live Features:


                Algorithms to generate unique username & pw.

                Outlook Live ID provisioning.

                Active Directory import/export.

                WLID credential card printing.

                Send SMTP email.

                Outlook Web Access interface integrated into the in School Web portal interface.

                PowerShell schedule auto/manual run for sync user and password with Outlook.


You can also join to get in touch with source code and documents of PowerShell Access.



Mobile Online system uses SMS to send information from the school pupils, students, parents and teachers.



                Calendar parent.

                Calendar to stay and work of the University.

                Transcripts and other information.

                The system is integrated into the Outlook email and SharePoint on-premise.

                School Database Query through SMS Query and SMS to the number of subscribers or brandname.

You can also join to get in demo for end-user.









NATIONAL ECONOMICS University (NEU) Improves Student Services, Saves IT Costs with Microsoft Live@edu email


Live@edu is a cloud solution which technical jobs are backed end by Microsoft engineers, with Nova -The partner of Technical support help us to deploy and maintain, we are always happy with the quality of service and will try to take advantage of the benefits Live@edu provides…



Trung Kien, Manager of Technology, National Economics University



NEU at present time is serving as: One of the largest and top quality economic and business educational institutions in Vietnam. To meet the demand of email system for current teachers and students, the university will have to invest a significant cost to the software and hardware. After deploying Live@edu system in the two years, the university has saved $100,000 cost. It also is improving email reliability and providing teachers a more convenient and collaborative work environment.

Business Needs

NEU has over 45,000 students, a staff of 1167 (of which, there are 697 lecturers, 21 professors, 105 associate professors, 108 doctor degree holders, and 411 masters) and 28 faculties/departments with 44 specializations and 8 training branches for a bachelor’s degree including Economics, Business Administration, Banking and Finance, Accounting, Economic Information System, Law, Computer Science, and Foreign Languages; 33 specializations for a master’s degree and 22 specializations for a doctoral degree in economics, management and business administration. Besides degree granting programmers, it regularly offers intensive training courses in economics and business administration for economic managers and practitioners nationwide.

NEU has so far provided many generations of dynamic managers adaptable to the market economy and capable of acquiring new technologies. Among its graduates, there are many people who are holding important posts in agencies and bodies of the Party, National Assembly, Government, and companies as well.

The next target is intergraded Single Sign On account .NET Portal with Outlook Live and update to Office365 in the future.



1.       .NET portal deployment objectives for students, lecturers, parent.
The main objective of deploying.NET Portal is to create a central point for learning management system.

2.       Objective deployed Outlook Live

Provide a reliable, stable and cost-effective email solution.

3.       Single Sign on
Upgrade to new version which easily integrate with many other systems such as SSO for ASP.NET Portal.

NEU is researching SharePoint 2010 integrated with Outlook Live. And plan in 2013, they will deploy SharePoint 2010 for replication.NET Portal solution is using.



NEU used Exchange Server On premise version 2003, this version have many limited on manage email location system.

By implementing Live@edu, NEU is enjoying more reliable email communications, saving significant costs, and giving teachers and staff a work environment that is more convenient and collaborative.


Enhanced Reliability

Since the beginning, NEU have noticed reliability improvements from having replaced the NEU’s onsite email infrastructure with Outlook Live.

“Live@edu is a cloud solution which technical jobs are backed end by Microsoft engineers, with Nova Technical support partner help us to deploy and maintain, we are always happy with the quality of service and will try to exploit the benefits Live@edu provides” Mr. Kien says. 


Impressive Cost Savings

Yearly savings come from avoiding the licensing costs of email anti-virus and anti-spam software, and the bonus savings in the first year come from avoiding a server hardware replacement.


With the savings enabled by moving to Live@edu, NEU are able to preserve other IT


By the year 2020, NEU aim to become a quality university in the Asia. Emphasis is, on one hand, put on developing the faculty members in terms of both quantity and qualifications to reach international standards. On the other, to encourage more effective learning, we are now upgrading offices and classrooms, adding new audio visual equipment, developing new textbooks and reference materials, updating information and data system for education, training and research, and replacing the existing infrastructure with a modern one.



NEU has focused on developing Information technology to use and support learning system. Base on Microsoft platform, apply Exchange Server 2003 to manage Email and synchronize database of students, faculties, staffs

NEU have been starting join Live@edu program from December 2010, and currently have about 1167 staff and 45,200 students who are using email as one of the most important applications for learning and teaching.


At NEU, Learning management system with .NET Portal help them to manage database canter to store information, manage workflow and create an environment for employees to work effectively.

.NET Portal and Live@edu are working together gives a reliable way to communicate as well as receive alerts via email. This is a new professional working method in organization.

After 2 years using Live@edu, NEU are generally happy with this solution as well as partner’s support (Nova Company).

Initiatives that had been considered for cancellation – such as a web-based video archive that is popular with teachers and students alike.


Great Collaboration

With SkyDrive enabling document creation and storage to move to the cloud, teachers and staff enjoy not only more convenience but also more collaboration. Teachers are working on lesson plans and class presentations from home or elsewhere, without having to remember to back up files to a portable drive and carry it around with them, Teachers also are using the cloud for sharing photo- and video-based materials and eventually will use it for collaborating on a common curriculum.


The advice NEU would give another university evaluating Live@edu is encourage them to use Live@edu. Moreover, Live@edu is going to be upgraded into office 365 which even provides more great features such as Lync, SharePoint online.




Customer Size: 1167 employees

Country or Region: Vietnam

Industry: University.


Customer Profile

NEU is one of the largest and top quality economic and business educational institutions in Vietnam. It currently has over 45,000 students, a staff of 1167 (of which, there are 697 lecturers, 21 professors, 105 associate professors, 108 doctor degree holders, and 411 masters) and 28 faculties/departments with 44 specializations and 8 training


Software and Services

   Microsoft Live@edu.

   Microsoft SSO Kit for .NET Portal.

   Microsoft Office Outlook Live.

   Microsoft Exchange on Premise.

   Windows Live SkyDrive.

   Windows AD server.



Hardware and Services

   HP385G7 for Exchange on Premise.

   HP385G7 for SQL Server.

   HP350 for ASP.Net Portal.

   HP350 for AD & CA Server.






For more information about other Microsoft customer successes, please visit:










Windows Intune
Windows Intune is an integrated, cloud-based client management solution that provides tools, reports, and upgrade licenses to the latest version of Windows, and Windows Intune helps keep your computers up-to-date and secure.

Windows Intune is licensed through the Microsoft Online Commerce Platform (MOCP). It is also available through the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA) and Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES) programs.

See these decks for more information about Intune:

Expand our Partner Eco-system – with prioritized focus on OEM’s, Telco’s and Publishers Telco’sAcademic programs – especially CASA/EES and Intune

Win the Cloud and Enterprise PlatformWin the core infrastructure then, Lead with Live@edu and sell Azure, Intune and CRM Online.









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