Horizon Mirage 4.x– Phần 2. Management Server and Console Installation

Horizon Mirage Server Installation

Prep Work
  • Microsoft .NET 3.5 already installed before Horizon Mirage Management server installation
  • Generated and installed Microsoft Enterprise CA signed SSL certificate

1. I’ve already installed my certificate as a prep work job. If you request external CA signed certificates, go ahead and do that now and get the certificate installed into the Computer Personal certificate store. Two things to make note of:

a. Subject (mirage44.shiplett.local) – MUST MATCH FQDN OF SERVER


b. Issuer – (Shiplett-DC1-CA)


2. Run the mirage.server.x64.35175.msi installer as your Mirage administrative user (shift + right-click).


3. Type in the username and password of your Mirage administrative user, and then click OK.


4. Click Run if prompted.


5. Click Next.


6. Accept the terms of the License Agreement, and then click Next.


7. Enter the Microsoft SQL Server name and instance, check Create new local cache area (this is a new installation), define the location and size, and then click Next.


8. Leave the port and SSL at default, then fill in the recorded values for Certificate Subject and Certificate Issuer. Click Next.


9. Fill in the password for the Mirage administrative user, and then click Next.


10. Click Install.


11. Click Finish to complete the installation.


Prepare for First Use

1. Launch the Mirage Management Console. Click on VMware Horizon Mirage.


2. Click Add System.


3. Type in the Horizon Mirage Management server fully-qualified domain name, and then click OK.


4. Fill in your license key, and then click OK.


5. Your Horizon Mirage Management Console should now be connected and functional.


The Horizon Mirage Server installation is now complete. In the next article, we’ll discuss how to install and configure IIS for use with Horizon Mirage File Portal and Web Manager.


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