Horizon Mirage 4.x– Phần 3. Install and Configure IIS

Install IIS

1. In Server Manager, click Manage then Add Roles and Features.

2. Click Next on the Before You Begin screen (if necessary).

3. Click Next to proceed through the Installation Type screen.

4. Make sure the local server is selected, and then click Next.

5. Check Web Server (IIS)

6. Click Add Features….

7. Click Next to proceed.

8. Click Next to proceed past Features.

9. Click Next again.

10. Select the following options (From the Installation and Configuration Guide):

  1. Web Server Services:

    1. Common HTTP Features

      1. Static Content
      2. Default Document
      3. Directory Browsing
      4. HTTP Errors
    2. Application Development

      1. ASP.NET
      2. .NET Extensibility
      3. ISAPI Extensions
      4. ISAPI Filters
    3. Health And Diagnostics

      1. Nothing is required
    4. Security

      1. Request Filtering
    5. Performance

      1. Nothing is required
  2. Management Tools:

    1. IIS Management Console

      1. All subitems are required
    2. IIS Management Scripts and Tools

      1. All subitems are required
    3. Management Service

      1. All subitems are required
    4. IIS 6 Management Compatibility

      1. All subitems are required

11. Click Next when finished.

12. Click Install.

13. Click Close when the installation is completed.

Configure IIS for Horizon Mirage

1. Open up IIS Manager. Select the IIS instance for this server, then double-click Server Certificates.

2. You should see the SSL certificate we used before. If not, click Import to import your PFX.

3. Expand Sites, then click on Default Web Site. Click Bindings.

4. Click Add to create a new binding.

5. Choose:

  1. Type – https
  2. IP Address – All Unassigned
  3. Port – 443
  4. SSL certificate – The previously imported SSL certificate

6. Click OK, and then click Close. After restarting IIS, connecting to your server via HTTPS should be successful.

In the next article, we will discuss the installation of the Horizon Mirage File Portal.


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