Horizon Mirage 4.x – phần 6. System Configuration

General System Settings

The General tab of System Configuration allows the administrator to configure several different items. To get there, right-click System Configuration, and then click Settings.


This is the number of snapshots the system must keep for restores at the hour, day,week, and month interval.


This section allows the administrator to specify when they would like to be alerted around storage capacity, the interval at which the system checks capacity, and thevolume to monitor with threshold checks (where the USMT files and Driver Library are stored).

Click Change to set a different volume, if necessary.

Click OK to commit the setting.


This section allows the administrator to set a CVD size warning threshold (the point at which an alert will be generated if the CVD reaches it), as well as the Default Upload Policy, the policy which will be used when a CVD is centralized.

Click Change to set a new policy.

Select the policy you want to set as the default, and then click OK.

Join Domain Account

These are the credentials Mirage will use to join any CVDs to your Active Directory domain, if necessary.

Click OK when finished making changes.

CVD Auto Creation

This section will allow the administrator to have machines that join the Horizon Mirage system automatically centralize themselves and create a CVD, rather than having the administrator perform the centralization manually.

File Portal

This section allows the administrator to enable or disable the File Portal, specify the file portal URL (https://<file_portal_fqdn>/Explorer/), and set a message for end users when they activate their access into the File Portal.

Import USMT Software Directories

To perform hardware migrations, as Windows 7 and Windows 8 migrations, we’ll need User Software Migration Tool 4 software to be imported into Horizon Mirage.

1. Download and install the Windows Automated Installation Kit (AIK) for Windows 7 (USMT 4.0) or Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK) for Windows 8 (USMT 5.0).

2. Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (ADK) for Windows 8.1 (USMT 6.3).

Note: If you use both WADKs, then you’ll have to uninstall one before installing the other.

3. In the Horizon Mirage Management console, click System Configuration, and then click Settings.

4. Click on the USMT tab, and then click Import USMT Folder.

5. Browse to the User State Migration Tool folder you want to import, and then click OK.

7. Once the upload is complete, you should see a green check mark by the version you installed.

After USMT 5.0 Import

After USMT 6.3 Import

8. Click OK.

Branch Reflector

This section is where the administrator configures defaults and settings for Branch Reflectors. This can be useful for sizing your Branch Reflectors and how your clients connect to them for Layers.


This is where the administrator sets the license key or installs a license file. All of the implementations I’ve done are with a key, so take that for what it’s worth.

And that’s it for this article. Stay tuned for the next article where we’ll tackle the Horizon Mirage Edge Gateway.


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