Horizon Mirage 4.x – phần 8. Image Manager – Create CVD for Base Layer Capture

Prep Work
  • Installed Windows 7 in a vSphere virtual machine
  • Installed relevant drivers (VMware Tools)
  • Updated the operating system

Create a CVD for Base Layer Capture

1. Click Pending Devices in the Inventory.

2. Find the device in the inventory.

3. Right-click the device, and then click Create a new Reference CVD.

4. Choose Create Reference CVD for Base Layer capture, and then click Next.

5. Choose the appropriate CVD Policy, and then click Next.

6. If you want to use an existing Base Layer to create your Reference CVD, choose it from the list. Otherwise, choose Don’t use a Base Layer, and then click Next. I don’t have an existing Base Layer, so that’s the only option.

7. Choose any layers you want to assign to the Reference CVD. If none are required, simply click Next.

8. Either Manually choose a volume or Automatically choose a volume, and then clickNext.

9. The CVD should pass validation. Click Next.

10. Click Finish to complete the process.

11. The device will now be removed from Pending Devices, and it will show up underAssigned Devices.

12. The Reference CVD that was created will show up under Image Composer > Reference CVDs. Notice the IDs for the device and CVD. This is an easy way to tell a CVD apart from its attached device.

13. Once the CVD creation process kicks off the machine is centralized. This can take some time depending on the amount of data to be transferred and the network link between the device and the Horizon Mirage server.

Prepare the Windows 7 machine for Base Layer capture

Before a Windows 7 machine is captured as a Base Layer, but after it has been made into a Reference CVD, it should be prepared to be captured.

1. Log into your Reference CVD device as an administrator

2. Right-click the Horizon Mirage client icon in the system tray. Choose Tools >Windows 7 Image Setup.

3. Click Yes on the UAC window if prompted.

3. Click Setup to prepare the machine for Base Layer capture.

4. Click OK.

Once the machine is centralized, you’re ready to use the Reference CVD to create a Base Layer. In the next article, we’ll use this captured Reference CVD to create a new Base Layer.


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