Horizon Mirage 4.x Phần 12. – Image Manager – Update an App Layer

Note: This is much like the initial App Layer capture we did back in Part 11, with a few caveats and configuration differences.
Prep Work
  • A clean Windows 7 machine has already been created with the Horizon Mirage client installed, sitting in Pending Devices.

Creating a Reference CVD for App Layer Capture

1. Go to Common Wizards and click Capture App Layer.

2. Select your pending device, and then click Next.

3. Choose a CVD Policy, and then click Next.

4. Choose the Target Volume for the Reference CVD, and then click Next.

5. Assuming no compatibility issues, click Next.

6. Review the Summary, and then click Finish.

The CVD is now created, and it should go in to Recording App Layer status in the console under Reference CVDs.

7. Install your application and perform any necessary configuration. For this example, I installed and configured Adobe Reader XI. Remember that we did the same for the initial App Layer capture. For the sake of argument, assume this is a new version.

8. Right-click your CVD, and choose Finalize App Layer Capture.

9. Review the recorded applications and make sure the software you installed is listed. Click Next.

10. Select Update an existing layer and the layer to update, give a description and whether this is a minor or major version revision. Click Next.

11. Verify no compatibility issues exist, and then click Next.

12. Review the Summary, and then click Finish.

13. A post-scan will now be executed. When it is finished and all the bits for the new App Layer are uploaded, the new App Layer should show up in inventory under Image Composer > App Layers. Notice the second item with the 1.1 revision.

The App Layer is now complete and ready to be deployed to CVDs.


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