Horizon Mirage 4.x Phần 15. – Endpoint Management – Centralize an Endpoint

Prep Work
  • The Horizon Mirage Client must be installed on the endpoint.
  • The endpoint must have a supported operating system installed.
  • The endpoint must have access to the Horizon Mirage Server over TCP/8000.
CVD Auto Creation

There are a couple of different ways to centralize an endpoint in Horizon Mirage. The first is done automatically when the Horizon Mirage Client is installed on the endpoint. To enable this:

1. In the Horizon Mirage Client, right-click System Configuration and choose Settings.

2. On the General tab, make sure a Default CVD Policy is set.

3. On the CVD Auto Creation tab, check Enable automatic CVD creation, customize your User message, and then click OK.

4. With the Client installed on the endpoint, the user will be prompted for their Active Directory domain credentials. Fill them in, and then click OK.

5. Click Close once registration has completed.

6. The CVD upload will now commence. When finished, the CVD is centralized.

Manually Centralize an Endpoint

1. Open Inventory > Pending Devices and find the Device you want to centralize. Right-click it, and choose Centralize Endpoint.

2. Choose the CVD Policy you want to apply to the endpoint, and then click Next.

3. Select whether you want to apply a Base Layer to the end point or not, if necessary, choose a Base Layer. Click Next.

4. Select a Target Volume (or leave at Automatically choose a volume), and then clickNext.

5. Resolve any compatibility issues that exist if necessary. Otherwise, click Next.

6. Review the Summary, and then click Finish.

7. The endpoint will now complete an upload (optionally, a Base Layer will apply and another upload will complete). When finished, the centralization is complete.


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