Course 10954: Administering Office 365 for Small Businesses


Course Contents

1         Introduction


This collection of eight courses teaches administrators how to set up and manage Office 365. Topics covered in this collection include:

          Creating and supporting an Office 365 account, and managing DNS domains

          Creating and managing users and identity

          Installing Office Professional Plus and configuring remote connectivity

          Managing Exchange Online and SharePoint Online

          Configuring Lync Online




2         The content


The content in this collection supports the following certification exam: Exam 70-323, Administering Office 365. Audience Prerequisites:

          Experience with AD, DNS, and certificates (PKI).

          Familiarity with multitenant environments.

          Basic experience in configuring applications such as Lync 2010, SharePoint 2010, and Exchange 2010.




Detailed Course Content





Getting Started with Office 365:


·         Creating and Supporting your Office 365 Account

·         Creating the Initial Office 365 Account

·         Planning the Pilot and Office 365 Deployment

·         Supporting Office 365

·         Maintain Office 365 Service Health


Managing DNS Domains

·         Add and Verify DNS Domains



Managing Office 365 Users, Roles, and Identities


Provisioning and Managing Office 365 Users:

·         Creating Office 365 Users

·         Modifying User Properties and Settings

·         Managing User Licenses and Subscriptions

·         Recovering Identities and Users


Managing Office 365 Roles

·         Modify Office 365 Administrative Properties and Settings


Managing Identity

·         Configuring Directory Synchronization

·         Configuring and Managing Identity Federation Using AD FS 2.0

·         Implementing Single Sign-On and Two-Factor Authentication



Installing Client Computers with Remote Connectivity for Office 365


Installing Client Computers

·         Configuring Trusted Zones

·         Installing and Configuring Office Professional Plus


Configuring Remote Connectivity

·         Troubleshooting Remote Connectivity

·         Configuring Autodiscovery

·         Configuring Remote Administration in Exchange Management Console



Administering Exchange Online Mailboxes and Groups in Office 365


Administering Exchange Mailboxes and Groups in Office 365

·         Migrating User Mailboxes

·         Managing Security and Distribution Groups

·         Implementing Exchange Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

·         Recovering Items and Mailboxes



Managing Exchange Online Security and Compliance in Office 365


Managing Exchange Online Security

·         Managing Forefront Protection for Microsoft Exchange

·         Implementing Exchange Hosted Encryption

·         Implementing Unified Communications Certificates

·         Managing Journaling

·         Managing Mobile Devices


Managing Exchange Compliance

·         Configuring Information Rights Management

·         Provisioning and Managing Retention Policies, Tags, and Holds

·         Enabling Audit Logging

·         Archiving Mailboxes and Configuring Exchange MailTips



Configuring Exchange Online in a Hybrid Environment for Office


Configuring Exchange Online in a Hybrid Office 365 Deployment

·         Configuring Mail Routing

·         Configuring Unified Messaging Integration

·         Implementing Transport Rules

·         Configuring Federation Gateways

·         Troubleshooting a Hybrid Deployment



Integrating SharePoint Online with Office 365


Administering SharePoint Site Collections

·         Managing Site Collections

·         Managing the Public Website


Administering SharePoint Sites

·         Managing Team Sites

·         Implementing SharePoint Solutions and Features

·         Supporting Mobile Devices


Managing SharePoint Service Applications

·         Configuring InfoPath Forms Services

·         Configuring the User Profile Service

·         Configuring Managed Metadata Services

·         Configuring Business Data Connectivity Services

·         Configuring the Secure Store Service



Integrating Lync Online with Office 365


Configuring Lync Online

·         Installing and Configuring Lync

·         Implementing Federation

·         Deploying Public IM Connectivity

·         Configuring User Settings



Virtual Labs for practices


·         Upgrade Live@edu to Office 365.

·         Setup and Configuration for AD synchronization with Office 365 by DirSync Tool.

·         Setup and Configuration for ADFS SSO with AD account sign-on Office 365.




3. Thông tin khoá học:


Môn học

Office 365 dành cho Quản trị hệ thống dịch vụ của Doanh nghiệp

Mã môn


Thời gian

2 ngày

Số lượng

Tối đa 15 người / 1 lớp

Thiết bị

          Wi-fi/3G và 1 đường Internet > 1.2Mps

          Người dùng được phép tự trang bị Windows Phone, Android, iPhone, Tablet, iPad, Laptop.



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