Phần 5–Cấu hình HTML Access for VMware View 5.2

Today I received a new SSD drive for my home lab. It was time to get some new IOPS in my vSphere environment for testing VMware Horizon View 5.2. I haven’t installed View for a while so I was really surprised about the changes I’ve seen in the product. After the general View installation I’ve deployed a Windows 7 desktop pool first as I wanted to test the new HTML access today. Of course I’ve seen it before and I’ve already played with it but didn’t install it by myself yet. The HTML access option comes as a separate installer for both, the server and the agent side. The remote experience agent which is installed on the virtual desktop also brings the necessary software pieces for the Unity Touch feature. From the VMware website you can download the HTML access for the connection server as well as the user experience agent. Just login to your MyVMware account and check the downloads section. The modules are available under the Horizon View downloads. Starting the installation is easy as usual, just click on the installer.


I was surprised when I did the installation as their was nothing to configure. Only click Next, Next and Finish and all its set.


After installing the HTML access option (Feature Pack 1for View 5.2) the website at https://viewserver/ changes. Before the installation the website offered only the option to download the View Client for accessing the virtual desktops. After installing the Feature Pack you can see the “VMware Horizon View HTML Access” icon.


But before using the new feature you’ve to install the client components on the virtual desktop. Again take the installer, this time copy it to the virtual desktop or desktop template and start the installation.


The only difference to the server installation part is that you have one additional wizard dialog. It gives you the chance to decide if you want to install HTML access only or also install the Unity Touch features. But of course you want it so just click on Install and start the installation.


After the installation and proper configuration of a desktop pool you can go back to the View Connection Server web interface. Click on the HTML access and enjoy!


Ha! There is another trap which you should be aware of! HTML access requires HTML5 support but this is not offered by Internet Explorer 9 i.e. which I’ve used to access my virtual desktop. Lessons learned! I’ve installed IE9 afterwards.


Using a supported web browser gives you this! A fully functional Windows 7 desktop running in a web browser. Great! I love it.


I hope this gives you a quick overview of the HTML Access which comes with the VMware View 5.2 Feature Pack 1. Of course the HTML access doesn’t give you the full functionality of a VMware View Client which is connected via PCoIP but it is great to use on a mobile device for a few use cases.


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