Phần 6–Cài VMware Horizon View Unity Touch làm gì ?

Yesterday VMware has released the new Horizon View Client 2.0 iOS client to the Apple AppStore. With this client comes a new functionality called Unity Touch. Unity Touch is somehow a part of what VMware introduced as Project AppShift at VMworld 2012. Unity Touch gives the user a greater experience when accessing a virtual desktop from a tablet running iOS or Android. Check this screenshot-show to see how it works.

First requirement is a VMware View 5.2 environment with the VMware Horizon View 5.2 Feature Pack 2 installed on the server and the virtual desktop. Then update your iOS or Android clients to the newest version.

On the left hand side you can see the black slide out navigation tab.

Photo  2

Clicking on this a menu pops in from the left side giving you access to all installed programs on your desktop as well as to your “My Files”.

Photo  4

Starting an Windows application is so easy now. You don’t need to click the start menu and programs menu anymore. Just click on the application in the menu.

Photo  5

The “My Files” menu gives you access to all your files and on the virtual desktop.

Photo  6

You can also register apps as favorite applications as you can see in the next screenshot. I’ve added the control panel here for demonstration. This helps you to even easier accessing your apps on Windows.

Photo  7

From my view this is a cracking feature in the new release! Working on a virtual desktop from a tablet is so easy now. Unity Touch works with al apps installed to the desktop out of the box. Thanks to my colleague Tim Arenz from for provisioning me a desktop on his test environment. This helped a lot with this article.

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