Australian International School implemented Microsoft Live@edu, Saves $ 40,000 in six months.

“Live@edu is a cloud solution which technical jobs are backed end by Microsoft engineers, therefore it reduces implementation, deployment, maintenance time as well as management time. In general, I am advanced from Live@edu…”


Tho Le, Manager of Technology, Australian International School


AIS is one of the international schools which invested high cost in technology applications for education. To meet the demand of email system for current teachers and students, the school will have to invest a significant cost to the Exchange Server, AD Server. After deploying Live@edu system in the first six months, the school have saved $40,000 cost. It also is improving email reliability and providing teachers a more convenient and collaborative work environment.



Business Needs

AIS first opened its doors in August 2006, and now have over 500 students in 3 campuses.  Since Day 1, AIS has been recognized for its focus on learning in an environment that is both friendly and supportive.  With excellent teachers and facilities in campuses that are conveniently located, safe and security, AIS has quickly become one of the top international schools in HCMC.

The Australian International School operates from three purpose built campuses.  The well-resourced campuses are located in beautiful, secure and serene

settings with excellent libraries, ICT suites and science labs, visual art and music studio, outdoor swimming pools, basketball courts and age appropriate playgrounds and sport fields.

Information and Communication Technologies are integral to teaching and learning at AIS and the School continually upgrades its facilities to maintain the highest standard of ICT.

The students are equipped with a broad variety of Information Communication Technologies (ICT) to stay abreast with the pace of change in our world.  ICT learning is not separate from traditional areas of


Customer: Australian International School


Customer Size: 100 employees

Country or Region: Vietnam

Industry: Education–K-12


Customer Profile

The Australian International School, located at southwest Ho Chi Minh City, The AIS has over 500 students in 3 campuses.


Software and Services

·    Services

   Microsoft Live@edu

   Microsoft Office Live

   Microsoft SSO Kit for SharePoint2010

   Microsoft Office Outlook Live

   Microsoft Forefront Online

   Windows Live SkyDrive

For more information about other Microsoft customer successes, please visit:


learning, but embedded throughout the curriculum. Students engage in music compositions and use traditional and digital animation editing software; web design and construction; wikis; mathematics software; data probes and analysis software alongside the usual Office suite. They are encouraged to be creative with digital presentation and to stand out from the crowd, which will prepare them for a future where competition in this field will be high.

The School offers a web based learning platform.  The AIS Community Portal allows the whole school community to log in and engage with student learning and school activities globally with internet connection.  In this way ICT provides learning experiences when and where they are needed and allows students to progress at their own pace.



When starting in Vietnam, AIS has focused on developing Information technology to use and support learning system. Base on Microsoft platform, apply Exchange Server 2010 to manage Email and synchronize database of students, faculties, staffs

From March 2012, AIS began attending to Microsoft Live@edu program, setting up Outlook Live and SharePoint services. Now email system has about 520 student accounts and 100 staff accounts which used like one of main application for learning and teaching.

At AIS, SharePoint and Live@edu are working together; SharePoint provides not only a central place to store information, processes but also an environment where staffs can co-works in an effective way. Live@edu gives a reliable way to communicate as well as receive alerts from SharePoint via email. SharePoint together

with Live@edu open a new professional working method in organization.

After nearly 6 monthly using Live@edu, AIS are generally happy with this solution as well as partner’s support (Nova Technologies).



1. SharePoint deployment objectives for students, lecturers, parent.
The main objective of deploying SharePoint is to create a central point for documentation as well as a place to facilitate collaboration.
2. Objective deployed Live@edu
The initial goal when implementing Live@edu is to provide a reliable, stable and cost-effective email solution
3. Single Sign On
Upgrade to new version which easily integrate with many other systems such as SSO SharePoint Portal.
Ready for integrating other solutions like SharePoint LMS E-learning, Moodle, Lync Online, Web Office Apps via Skype.


By implementing Live@edu, Australian International School is enjoying more reliable email communications, saving significant costs, and giving teachers and staff a work environment that is more convenient and collaborative.


Enhanced Reliability

Since the beginning, AIS have noticed reliability improvements from having replaced the AIS’s onsite email infrastructure with Outlook Live.

Live@edu is a cloud solution which technical jobs are backed end by Microsoft engineers, therefore it reduces implement, deployment, maintenance time as well as management time. In general, I am advanced from Live@edu.” Tho le says’ 

Impressive Cost Savings

Yearly savings come from avoiding the licensing costs of email anti-virus and anti-spam software, and the bonus savings in the first year come from avoiding a server hardware replacement.


With the savings enabled by moving to Live@edu, AIS are able to preserve other IT initiatives that had been considered for cancellation—such as a web-based video archive that is popular with teachers and students alike.


Great Collaboration

With SkyDrive enabling document creation and storage to move to the cloud, teachers and staff enjoy not only more convenience but also more collaboration. Teachers are working on lesson plans and class presentations from home or elsewhere, without having to remember to back up files to a portable drive and carry it around with them, Teachers also are using the cloud for sharing photo- and video-based materials and eventually will use it for collaborating on a common curriculum.


The advice AIS would give another school evaluating Live@edu is encourage them to use Live@edu. Moreover, Live@edu is going to be upgraded into office 365 which even provides more great features such as Lync, SharePoint online.


This case study is for informational purposes only. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS SUMMARY.


Document edited October 2012


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