Information Technology apprentice how to become IT System Administrator?

This is the letter I sent to my beloved nephew is studying computer science at the Federal Republic of Germany. 

I do not have much time to speak of the problems of this subject, complete with belongings experience, general and detail of the vision we need to determine before (I have a habit of drawing faster verbal and written). The following pages draw speak your wishes and thoughts of attention:


(You are done for windows 7 – MCST 2011)

I have a MindMap and Vision for your Job:


You should choose one of two paths to go after (0,1,2,4 or 0,1,3,5)


The names written in red letters are the tools you have to learn, to read concept, to practice and work hard.


These are the skills, road map technology products you will have to experience for yourself the unknown variables through professional engineer, architect to information technology.


P.S: Do not have much time to play, only much to learn, learn and work. If you have to do it alone, you are still too long.

Please refer to the website: 

Microsoft Training: 

Microsoft Virtual Labs Online and Free: 

VMware Labs Online and Free:


I really regret not spending a lot of time to teach you this time, I know you need to learn, honestly I wish you better than me someday.

On the occasion of the summer, you should be learning in HCMC or Hanoi Robusta, I’ll tutor you.


Wish you find the subjects, courses and practical experience in the new job !

Your uncle, I love you !

PhD. Le Toan Thang


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