How to reset ESXi v6 root password when forget password

Disclaimer: VMware doesn’t suggest any other method but to reinstall the ESXi host!!! If you follow this tutorial – I’m not responsible for any/all possible damages!!!
We used this version of ESXi to reset the password:
ESXi ISO image (Includes VMware tools) 2016-03-15 | 6.0U2 |
(VMware ESXi 6.0.0 VMKernel Release Build 3620759)
You will need a physical access to ESXi host in order to be able to reset the password because you cannot shutdown/reboot (F12) without the password.
Download Kali linux distribution, burn it and boot from it: )

ESXi stores passwords in /etc/shadow file and once the machine is down it’s saved in state.tgz So we need to find it. It’s usually either on sda5 or sda6:
root@kali:~# fdisk -l
You should see sda5 and sda6 partitions.
Create the mounting points:
root@kali:~# mkdir /mnt/sda5
root@kali:~# mkdir /mnt/sda6

Mount them:
root@kali:~# mount /dev/sda5 /mnt/sda5
root@kali:~# mount /dev/sda6 /mnt/sda6

Look for state.tgz file
root@kali:~# ls -l /mnt/sda5 | grep state
in my case state.tgz file was on this partition, so I’m skipping sda6
Copy this file to your home folder, extract it and edit the shadow file
root@kali:~# cp /mnt/sda5/state.tgz state.tgz
root@kali:~# gzip -d state.tgz
root@kali:~# tar -xvf state.tar
root@kali:~# gzip -d local.tgz
root@kali:~# tar -xvf local.tar
root@kali:~# cd /etc
root@kali:/etc# vi shadow

make changes, save, exit and put it back:
root@kali:/etc# cd ..
root@kali:~# tar -czvf local.tgz etc
root@kali:~# tar -czvf state.tgz local.tgz
root@kali:~# cp state.tgz /mnt/sda5/state.tgz
root@kali:~# umount /mnt/sda5
root@kali:~# umount /mnt/sda6

Once you reboot – you should be able to login without a password and set a new one


One thought on “How to reset ESXi v6 root password when forget password

  1. Các bạn thấy phần menu Configure Management Network, Restart Management Network và Test Management Network bị mờ (không điều khiển được) là do sau khi Set được Password, ta cần phải [Reboot lại ESXi Host] để hệ thống cập nhật lại Root và password service.

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